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5 Cooking Tips For The Perfect Christmas Dinner!

With Christmas fast approaching, here are 5 fantastic Christmas dinner cooking tips!

These Christmas dinner cooking tips are from Quince House Cookery School’s, Katharine Eldridge.
As well as helping to ensure your Christmas dinner is delicious, the preparation tips will leave you more time to enjoy Christmas day!

  1. Par-boil and par-roast potatoes and parsnips the day before but don’t put in the fridge as the flavour changes. Five minutes boiling for parsnips and seven for potatoes, then season well and roast in your preferred fat for 30 mins. On Christmas Day, return to a hot oven for a further 35 mins or until nice and crisp.
  2. Remove the wishbone from your turkey and stuff the day before (not the cavity but between the breast and skin), makes carving so much easier.
  3. Soak a muslin in 200g melted butter, fold in half and place over your turkey before it goes in to roast, it keeps the turkey nice and moist as it roasts.
  4. Remember not to overcook your turkey, if in doubt use a meat thermometer in the thickest part of the thigh. When it is cooked it will happily stand for an hour covered in towels and foil to keep it warm.
  5. Sprouts! The best way to serve sprouts is to stir fry. Prepare the day before, peel and slice finely. Stir fry just before serving in some butter and a little olive oil, season well and add some toasted pine nuts, freshly chopped thyme and salt and black pepper.

If you would like more cookery tips, Katharine offers a number of cookery classes and hands-on tuition in Limpsfield.
You can see Quince House Cookery School’s scheduled classes here. 


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