If you follow our social media accounts, you will have noticed that we have a fantastic new logo design!

We have undergone a re-brand and created a distinctive new look, which is strong, easily recognisable and can be used as a single touch point across our company; whether we are promoting inTandridge.co.uk or one of our services such as social media marketing, website design or logo design.

We are currently finalising our new look website, which will be going live in the coming weeks and completes our re-brand.

As well as looking fantastic, our new inTandridge.co.uk site focuses on making it as easy as possible for local residents to find a local business for the products and services they need.  Our new site also has enhanced search engine optimisation (SEO), which means the businesses we promote will also be optimised for search engines such as Google, giving them the best possible chance of generating new enquiries and new business!

We’ll be getting in touch with the local businesses we work with very soon to ensure your listing is optimised for the types of jobs you want to get enquiries for.

inTandridge - local marketing services - logo on phone on notepad

If you do not currently promote your business with us, but would like to. Or if you would like a new logo design or re-brand for your business, please email us here.


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