We are delighted that InTandridge has over 10,000 users… 10,104 people to be precise!

That’s 10,104 people using InTandridge to read our latest features; find out about local events and activities; hear about the latest local discounts, offers and promotions; and to source local businesses for the products and services they need! 

We’ve received some excellent feedback, have some great plans going forward – with our next target being 20,000+ users!  

We are also growing our social media following, with 1,195 combined follows/likes, and recently we have been reaching 5,112 people per week (on average) with our Facebook posts!

Screen shot of InTandridge's Facebook statistics - targeting local people

We’ll keep doing what we are doing, regularly adding local events, live music, weekly fitness classes, sports groups, discounts, offers and promotions; and we’ll also be doing some more great give aways, which have been popular!

If there’s anything you would like to see on InTandridge, or if you have any feedback, we would love to hear it ([email protected])!


Our aim with InTandridge was also to provide a low cost way for local businesses (of any size) to be able to showcase and promote themselves to their local community.  This hasn’t, and won’t change, and even though we now have over 10,000+ people using InTandridge (and this continues to rise) – we are keeping our business profile advertising cost at just £18 per month, which we believe is the most affordable local advertising available! 


If you would like your business, or event promoted on InTandridge and on our social media pages, please call Lloyd on 07912 014998 0r email [email protected]