So it’s the New Year… you want to get fit and lose some weight but where do you begin?  Here’s what Emma of InSpirit Fitness recommends… 

1. Sign Up For a Race

You’ll need to give yourself time to train, so look out for a local race in around three months time from when you start your fitness training.  If you’re totally new to training, it’s best to start small and work your way up – a 5k fun run is a perfect place to start.  Having an end goal in sight will motivate you to keep on going.

2. Track Your Progress

Track simply measurements like your weight and waist/ hip circumference.  Re-measure once a week and keep a chart of your progress.  Once you can see the results you will want to keep on putting in the effort.

3. Make it Fun!

See if you can enlist a friend to join you and mix up the exercise.  Even if your end goal is to run 5k, you will achieve your fitness goal far faster by varying your training.  A mixture of cardio training with resistance exercises designed to strengthen all areas of the body are the best way to increase stamina and fitness quickly.  Look for classes in your local area, which offer this and to give you ideas of where to start.


Look for fitness classes on a Monday  |  Tuesday  |  Wednesday  |  Thursday  |  Friday  |  Saturday  |  Sunday

Look for a Personal Trainer