With the great sunshine we’ve been having lately, we thought we would draw attention to the FREE outdoor gym at Whytelefe Recreational Ground.

With 7 action stations, it’s a great way to get fit, especially combined with some hill sprints, which you can also do at Whyteleafe Rec! 

  • Ski Stepper – provides an excellent low impact work-out.  For cardio, balance & co-ordination
  • Mini Ski – helps tone up around the waist, hips & thighs
  • Pull Down Challenger – helps to develop upper body muscles – chest, shoulders and back
  • Health Walker – provides excellent cardio & helps to develop leg muscles
  • Push Hands – helps to develop shoulder power, whilst also helping circulation for elbows & wrists
  • Power Push – works the upper body muscles & helps the flexibility of shoulder joints & elbows
  • Handle Boat – helps develop muscles in arms, legs & abs as well as a great cardio workout

Each station has simple picture instructions, to help beginners use the machines.

photo of Whyteleafe Outdoor Gym at Whyteleafe Recreation Ground, Surrey