Mint Walk play area in Warlingham is getting a fantastic new £35,000 piece of equipment! 

The following press release has been issued by TDC:

Based on the findings of a consultation with local residents, a new £35,000 piece of equipment has been chosen for the Mint Walk play area in Warlingham, featuring a playhouse, net tunnel, slides and a climbing post. All of these were identified by users as what they would most like to see in the park.

The survey was shared with residents on the Council’s website, through the News Direct e-newsletter, social media and the local media. In addition staff also visited the play area and handed out paper copies. The consultation was supported by local ward councillors and Warlingham Parish Council. In total 72 users of the play area shared their views.

When asked what piece of equipment they would most like to see in the play area, the top results were a fort 67%, a slide 49%, a climbing wall 47%, a playhouse 44% and a chain bridge 36%. Of the children using the park, 63% are aged three to six and 42% are under the age of three.

As a result of the consultation, the Council has identified a playhouse unit which combines many of the items residents asked for in one piece of equipment including a play house, slides, a net tunnel, ladders, a ball post and talk tubes.

The Council is now securing the necessary funding for the equipment, which it has committed to install as soon as funding is in place. The new piece of equipment will provide a focal point for the play area and replaces the tunnel which had to be removed after a routine safety inspection revealed cracks in the structure.

Councillor Nick Childs, Chairman of the Community Services Committee, said: “We are thrilled so many local residents and users of Mint Walk play area took the time to complete the survey which has given us a great insight into the needs of the residents and what children in Warlingham would enjoy playing on. The unit we’ve identified offers many of the play activities people asked for and will provide a great focal point for the play area. We greatly look forward to seeing it well used.”


Mint Walk Play Area CR6, Warlinhgham - planned new equipment