International Mitochondrial Awareness Week, 18th – 24th September 2016

Warlingham Charity, The Lily Foundation, are launching an Awareness Campaign during International Mitochondrial Awareness week:

Power Down And Meet Up For Mito

The idea behind the campaign came from a group of A-level students who went on a marketing weekend and had to design an awareness campaign for a charity. The winning group came up with this idea for The Lily Foundation.

People that suffer from Mitochondrial Disease have low energy levels as their mitochondria do not generate enough energy for the cells to survive. The idea of Power Down is to try to get supporters to turn off their mobiles (cells), tablets and computers for the day and meet up with family and friends – spending some precious time together. You can turn you phones, tablets and computers power turned back on, but unfortunately, someone with Mito can’t!

The Lily Foundation are encouraging  their supporters to do something together – a picnic, dinner party, BBQ, or anything that brings people together!

The Lily Team are organising a picnic at Lily Hill Park in Bracknell. Is an open invite and we there will be a big game of rounders together with a picnic and more!

Please sign up to take part and you will receive a fundraising pack which will include invites, cake toppers, sandwich flags, donation box, and a fundraising ideas sheet. I have attached a PDF of all of these for your information.

For more information please click here