InTandridge recently spotted a ‘secret fairy house’,  hidden in a tree in Warlingham! 

The fairy house, complete with a homemade ladder, is currently at Blanchmans Farm Local Nature Reserve.

We were only on a short walk through the reserve, so don’t know if there are any more secrets hidden away…
but it’s definitely a nice surprise for young children!  

We won’t spoil the fun and tell you where it is, but hopefully you can find it! 

A photo of a sign for Blanchmans Farm Local Nature Reserve in Warlingham, Surrey

Let us know below if you manage to find it, and if you find any more surprises at Blanchmans Farm Local Nature Reserve. 

If you like the sound of this, you may also like the ‘Peter Rabbit Animal Houses’ at Ridlands Grove in Limpsfield.