Kerry and Nicky are two inspiring Limpsfield Sisters that have created a fantastic product to solve a common problem!  

Their story began on a Devon beach with their 4 young children, their tents, picnic blankets, wetsuits, body boards, buckets, spades, rugby balls, change bags, lunch bags, snack bags, drinks bottles, spare clothes, towels and kitchen sinks! 

Dragging their belongings across the dunes to the perfect spot for their dawn to dusk day at the beach, they decided to search for the ultimate big bag to carry everything in.  They couldn’t find it, so decided to make it themselves!

Their mission…

  • a big bag at a great price
  • high quality, hard wearing, water resistant fabrics
  • a simple and stylish design that works for everyone
  • lots of extra features to make the dash back to the car easier (clips, pockets, lack in straps)
  • easy to carry when you need both hands free
  • easy to hang on different pushchairs and strollers

‘big bee bag’

The ‘big bee bag’ is the ultimate big bag to fit in everything you need for a day at the beach (excluding bodyboards – the kids have to carry something!).  They’re not just great for a day at the beach though, they are perfect for so many other things – the gym, weekends away, swimming, baby change and flights etc.


Why ‘Two Queen Bees’?

The name is thanks to the memories of Nicky and Kerry’s ‘fabulous’ Auntie Queenie and in acknowledgement of the fascinating queen bee and her similarities to the average mother!

‘the queen, for her part, is the unifying force of the community; if she is removed from the hive, the workers very quickly sense her absence. After a few hours, or even less, they show unmistakable signs of queenlessness’. – Man and Insects, L H Newman


What’s Next? 

Since launching over a year ago, it’s has been an absolutely amazing, crazy time for the sisters. ‘We have been completely overwhelmed by the response to our bags and hope in the not too distant future to invest some time on focussing on our ideas for new products which we are very excited about’.  They couldn’t reveal their ideas just yet, but they aim to continue to focus on products that will make active lives that bit easier!



big bee bags: blue  |  ice grey  |  dark grey  |  purple  |  green  |  pink  |  pouch bags