InTandridge, recently headed to Go Zorbing London – “the UK’s largest and most exciting zorbing park”!!!


Where is it? 

Although called Go Zorbing London, Go Zorbing is actually based in Whyteleafe, tucked away behind Whyteleafe South Train Station.  Despite the 10ft inflatable balls used and the 160 metre hill run, the zorbing centre is completely hidden away, amongst a 50 acre wooded plot of land and you wouldn’t know it was there, unless specifically looking for it!


What is zorbing? 

Zorbing is an exciting extreme experience that involves bombing down a hill in nothing more than a large inflatable ball!

Go Zorbing London use high quality balls, constructed with a polythene inner capsule suspended from thousands of nylon strings, creating a comfort zone for the zorbers. The run? A mere 160 metre’s….the largest zorbing run in the UK!!!


Our Experience

We arrived and were greeted by one of the friendly Go Zorbing London members of staff. We opted to record our zorbing experience – a bargain with the current 50% deal on receiving a DVD of your zorbing experience, making it just £10. Large “DVD” stickers were stuck on our tops and we made the short walk to the top of the zorbing run.

There were a couple of fellow zorbers at the top of the run, so we patiently waited for our turn, eyeing up the 160 metre run, and hearing the laughter/ screaming of the people before us!

It was our turn!

The recording cameras were fixed to our chests, we were strapped to the inside of the zorbing ball facing each other, and we were ready to go – and set to record each others faces as we hurtled down the hill!


We knew it was going to be good – but we didn’t quite realise just how good!

As we launched down the run, my thought process was…

(a) the zorbing ball must be a lot bigger than I thought, as my strapped in body was rotating a lot higher than I expected it to go…

(b) the run is deceptively long and the ride went on for longer than I though it would… in fact, I even wondered if we had somehow veered off the track…


(c) if we did veer off track, then the M25 is only a few rolls away!!!


We stopped with a what felt like a jump in the air at the safety stopper and then the laughter proceeded!

What a brilliant experience and a real adrenaline rush! I thought zorbing would be good, but this was much much better than I thought it was going to be!


We headed back up the track to the top of the zorbing run and were asked if we wanted to do the hydro ride.

With the hydro ride, the zorbing ball is filled with approximately 40 litres of water and instead of being strapped in, you simply sit at the bottom, linking arms with your zorbing partner – so you slip and slide around together whilst hurtling down the hill!

After a brief pause to take in the question, we immediately said yes and waited the short time while the zorbing ball was prepared.

Diving in to the zorb, we were immediately soaked through and it’s quite a weird experience to be sat, fully clothed in a pool of water (note – sensible zorbers came prepared with swim wear!).


Again, we were sent flying down the 160 metre zorbing run and although it doesn’t seem as fast as the hydro run, this ride was superb too! In fact, I’m not sure which ride was the best… they were both absolutely fantastic! If pushed (which we were… down the hill), I would say I enjoyed the hydro ride the best, but it’s a very close call and InTandridge would recommend doing both if you can.


InTandridge would 100% recommend zorbing at Go Zorbing London and we had a brilliant adrenaline filled experience, led by extremely friendly and efficient staff members!


We would like to thanks Go Zorbing London and their staff for an excellent time and we will definitely be back!


downhill-zorbing, POD London, Zorbing in Whyteleafe, Surrey - InTandridge


Go Zorbing London – Tel. 0845 430 3322 / Weekend Tel. 07902 063002

Salmons Lane, Whyteleafe, Surrey, CR3 0HB