InTandridge recently went to see The Godstone Brewers in action, brewing their new beer, Rusty’s Ale, which has just gone on sale at the Hare and Hounds (Godstone Green).


The Godstone Brewers was formed last year, by (early 80’s) university friends, Anne Jackson and Steve Taylor, who both studied Food Technology, and brewed whilst at uni.


Anne began making her own beer at university, experimenting using grain and hops.  She stopped for a period, when having her 4 children, but recently got back in to it, with her quality brews earning  her a place in the final of the BBC’s, One Show, Brew Off Competition!

Anne teaches part time at Oxted School, and when she’s not fending off requests for beer samples from pupils and staff, she’s at The Godstone Brewers HQ, at Osney Lodge Farm, South Godstone.


Steve began making his own beer at school, also experimenting with grains and hops.  He’s been brewing pretty much ever since, whilst working for large beverage companies around the World.  Steve’s passionate about developing and producing beers that are better than you can buy in the shops, and looks to create unique, tasty flavours.


By chance, Anne and Steve met up again in 2014, and decided to go on a mashing refresher course.

This led to them starting their own “nano” brewery, The Godstone Brewers; where they are responsible for everything,  from sourcing their ingredients (locally where possible), to making their own beer (pump) clips!


In a short space of time, they have created 5 tasty beers, which sell locally, and are looking to expand.


Their beers have fantastic names, with brilliant eye-catching labels, which were designed by Anne’s son, Will.   They are all based on local themes – like Polly Paine’s Porter, which is based on Godstone Village’s legendary “witch”, who rumour has it could turn herself into a cat or hare; and Rusty’s Ale, which is named after the Harris’ Hawk, who lives at the farm where they brew.

We actually met Rusty the Hawk – but didn’t see Polly Paine, although there are still reported sightings of her around Godstone!

Close up photo of a barrel of Rusty's Ale, brewed in Godstone, Surrey, by nano brewery - The Godstone Brewers      Photo of Rusty the Hawk, the inspiration for Rusty's Ale, brewed by The Godstone Brewers, in Godstone, Surrey

The inspiring thing about The Godstone Brewers, is that Anne and Steve are so passionate in what they are doing.  They love brewing and simply want to make excellent beer for the people buying it.  They can even tweak their recipes at the individual pubs they are sold at (based on feedback), to really ensure the locals get what they want… the perfect pint!


As well as learning about hops (used to preserve and give beer its bitter background flavours and aroma) and the brewing process in general,  InTandridge also got to try 3 of their current beers – Pondtail Pale, Rusty’s Ale, and Bitter Entropy.  All 3 were smooth, tasty and refreshing, with Pondtail Pale being our favourite!


We were also lucky enough to be the first to try a new prototype beer, which they’ve created using an unusual combination of malt and other grains, as well as hops from around the World!  This beer was super clean and aromatic, with a creamy body – but we’ve been sworn to secrecy about revealing anything else!


InTandridge had a great time with The Godstone Brewers, and really love their ethos, as well as their tasty beers!

We would definitely recommend sampling their creations, which you can do at the Love Oxted Day (produce market) on Saturday 16th April.

Photo of beers produced by The Godstone Brewers, in Godstone, Surrey - as featured on InTandridge


The Godstone Brewers Quick Q&A’s


What beers do you brew? 

  1. Trenchman’s Hop
  2. Pondtail Pale
  3. Polly Paine’s Porter
  4. Bitter Entropy
  5. Rusty’s Ale

Images of beer labels of beer produced by The Godstone Brewers in Godstone, Surrey


Where can I buy them? 

Trenchman’s Hop has been on sale at the Fox & Hounds on Tilburstow Hill, Godstone, since last July and is named after the pirate who died in the pub in 1687.

The Godstone Brewers’ beers have also been guest ales in the Hare and Hounds on Godstone Green, The Radius Arms in Whyteleafe, and as far afield at The Jolly Sailor in Farnham.

The intention is to increase awareness by selling bottles in markets, farm shops and specialist craft beer shops such as the HopStop in Oxted.

The beers are constantly being refined and have already featured in the Oxted, Tatsfield, Caterham and CAMRA National Winter Ale festival in Derby recently.


When should I drink them?  

With friends – all year round!

Polly Paine’s Porter is more of a winter drink, and it’s used by the chef, Dave, at the Fox & Hounds, as a key ingredient in one of his dishes.


What’s your favourite? 

Anne: Pondtail Pale

Steve: Polly Paine’s Porter

Barrels of beer, brewed by The Godstone Brewers, Godstone, Surrey








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  1. Hank March 16, 2016 Subscriber

    Insightful read intandridge. Will definitely check these beers out when I am next in the area.

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